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Don’t Let It Loose Industry Partners

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

The businesses below are dedicated to preventing the spread of invasive species by sharing invasive species facts and alternatives to releasing unwanted pets with their customers.


If you represent a live pet or pet supply business and would like to become an outreach partner,

please contact to learn more.

Josh’s Frogs has built their foundation on selling only healthy, captive bred animals. Less demand for wild-caught animals = fewer wild-caught animals coming into the country. That’s a win for wild amphibian populations and a win for their customers.

The Zen Habitats mission is to improve the standard of reptile care by providing high-quality products and exceptional service. They are committed to providing all reptile owners with expert information and resources. 

Vista Pet Supply is a wholesaler that offers thousands of reptile supply products. They also have a full line of live reptiles that they sell.

Visit their website if you are a business interested in viewing their catalog.

Oase offers a variety of unique aquariums, terrariums, and vivariums. Their tanks make fantastic, enriching homes for any pet or serve as decorative conversation piece for your home or office.