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Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

If you're faced with rehoming your pet, use these resources to help you find the solution that works best for you. And don't forget to reach out to others in the community to find someone who would happily care for your pet. Retirement communities, schools, daycares and local shelters are all options.

Attention Montana Educators!

Are you an elementary educator in Missoula, Lake or Flathead County? Do you want some fun, easy resources to bring the ideas of responsible pet ownership and invasive species prevention to the classroom? Take advantage of our free classroom packet focused on Don’t Let it Loose.

Use the links below to download and print our educator toolkit.

Montana rehoming resources

If you have a dog, cat, rabbit or other small animal check with your local animal shelter. Click for a directory of all Montana shelters and adoption centers at Montana Pets on the Net.

If you have a reptile, amphibian or unusual pet you can often get assistance from one of the following:

Dave Pauli, Humane Society
Program Manager, Wildlife Conflict Resolution
406-698-1167 (email preferred)

Montana Reptile Rescue
1701 5th St. NW
Great Falls, MT 59404

Zootown Exotics Rescue
1001 N Russel St, Unit B
Missoula, MT 59808

State invasive species info

If you see something unusual in a pet product or in the wild, please consider contacting the Montana invasive species hotline at 406-444-2440.

Access the list of prohibited and regulated species in Montana.

Learn more from MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks about what you can do to prevent the spread of invasive species in Montana.